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Kelly Armatage Bahrain Counselor, Bahrain Healer, Bahrain Coach, Bahrain Life Coach

Kelly Armatage Inc. (CR No 78083) provides Counselling and Coaching Sessions in Bahrain. Kelly Armatage is qualified in providing Counselling, Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Sessions, Meditation Classes, Self Development Workshops and Corporate Training in Bahrain and internationally. Coaching sessions are available for international clients online via webinar software. See Sessions page for full details. As well as being a regularly booked Public Speaker and Published Writer, Kelly runs Workshops and Seminars that facilitate massive change personally, professionally, emotionally and spiritually for audiences worldwide.


Kelly Armatage was raised in North London in the 1970s, as the red-haired, goofy teethed middle child in a family of four children. Sensitive and susceptible to absorbing any negatives around her, she spent most of her childhood with her head burrowed in thousands of books. Recognising early on her intelligence and thirst for knowledge, her parents pushed her academically, whilst her pretty sisters were encouraged in their triumphant dancing careers.

Because of her sensitivity to this sibling contrast, Kelly was quick to perceive her environment a certain way and create negative self-beliefs about her worth, attractiveness, esteem and lovability. Due to this perception, she grew up with an innate ability to prove herself in the one thing she thought she had control over, her validation externally via her academic and professional achievements.

With a never-ending thirst for success, Kelly spent 15 years in the Corporate Industry working her way up to Senior Management level in the male dominated Motor Sector, working for Blue-Chip organisations such as Toyota GB and General Motors.

Kelly excelled professionally and by the age of 30 was headhunted to work in the Middle East for a distributorship of Toyota. With her failed marriage behind her, she made the leap to start afresh. Living on the small island of Bahrain enabled her the space to go within for the first time in her life and discover who she truly was. Entering into yet another dysfunctional relationship due to the negative self-beliefs, emotional pain, self esteem level and limited thinking patterns she was carrying, Kelly embarked upon more emotional pain than she had ever experienced. Kelly's unconditional inquisitiveness in healing all of this dysfunction expanded as she desperately tried, in her limited and unhealed subconscious, to overcome her issues.

During this time, Kelly would be visiting CEO's and Directors in her career to negotiate business development deals and an unusual pattern kept occurring. As an alternative to business negotiations, many clients would open up and tell her their innermost feelings, thoughts and fears. Kelly was a natural empath and many could feel this within her vibration and responded accordingly. Due to this consistent occurrence, Kelly felt impelled spiritually to build on this inner strength and become a Therapist and Coach. Over the next 5 years, Kelly studied for her qualifications in

Counselling, Online Coaching, Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Corporate Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Meditation

to enable her to open up her own Therapy and Coaching Practice in Bahrain. Whilst studying for her qualifications, Kelly read and researched over 500 self-help books, attended multiple workshops, meditated daily and employed the guidance of prominent, worldwide Coaching Experts on her quest to heal.

In 2008, 'Kelly Armatage Inc', Bahrain was opened and over the past five years as a Healer, Coach, Speaker, Published Writer and Seminar Facilitator, Kelly has guided many on their own journeys towards inner fulfillment. Due to her own suffering and subsequent healing, Kelly has been able to assist many via counselling and coaching through: past trauma, codependency, depression, divorce, addiction, painful relationships, self esteem, fears, abuse, child behavioural issues, confidence, cognitive distortions and so much more.

Kelly's journey took many years, however through her studying, research and own personal healing techniques, Kelly is able to transcend that rapidly for her clients. Kelly's utter passion and purpose is to guide others, to empower themselves out of emotional pain, overhaul their inner programming and into conducting healthy, functional and pleasurable lives.


Email Kelly - info@kellyarmatage.com


Its like seeking advice from the village's elders or sealing the cracks from the past experiences, only to emerge more polished and a better version of myself !

Client 2
Kelly has a warm and unique style that must be embraced by anyone that seeks some re-direction in their life. Once I finally opened up to Kelly, it was made apparent to me that many of the barriers I had in mind, were barriers that I actually created.

Client 4
Kelly has helped me turn my life around into exactly what I want it to be. She will teach you to change your perception of negatives into positives and turn them into opportunities, and give you all the tools you need to sustain that new view of life.

Client 1
Our first encounter with you was a true life changer for us and for our son. When we first met you, we had consumed all known therapy approaches to treat our son from drug addiction, including rehab treatment out side the country.

Client 3
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