• Attacking Anxiety

    Anxiety is a negative emotion that is created by the rumination of fearful thoughts and we do actually have control over the creation and maintenance of our thoughts.

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  • Attracting Abundance

    How would it feel to have abundance in all areas of your life?  Abundance in the form of unlimited amounts of love, success, wealth, health and self expression?

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  • Can you Trust ?

    Trust is the ability to have faith and confidence in someone or something and is an essential ingredient, in order to have a smooth and content life.

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  • Cultivating Confidence

    How are your confidence levels doing recently?  Confidence is the secure idea of one’s own power, knowledge and abilities in differing areas of one’s life.

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  • Energy Ascendence

    All of us have the tools, capacity and power to vibrate the highest energy possible to go through our lives attracting success.

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  • Face your Fear

    Fear is a paralysing feeling that holds you back from true success in any area of your life. Yet what is fear in its true sense? Fear is an anxious feeling that is created by a negative thought.

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  • Managing Anger

    Anger; the destructive emotion that, if used regularly, will mean our relationships are unhealthy, our stress levels are through the roof and our self-esteem will certainly be at an all time low.

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  • Manifesting Money

    How we think about money; positively or negatively dictates the amounts we manifest into our reality

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  • Releasing Control

    One way to ensure you live a life full of frustration, non-contentment and a lack of harmony is having the urge to control situations, people and all things external. 

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  • Removing Resentment

    Freeing up resentment ensures a heavy burden is lifted from your heart, mind and soul.  Removing resentment erases the victim mentality from your existence and ensures you regain your power.

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Its like seeking advice from the village's elders or sealing the cracks from the past experiences, only to emerge more polished and a better version of myself !

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Our first encounter with you was a true life changer for us and for our son. When we first met you, we had consumed all known therapy approaches to treat our son from drug addiction, including rehab treatment out side the country.

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Kelly has helped me turn my life around into exactly what I want it to be. She will teach you to change your perception of negatives into positives and turn them into opportunities, and give you all the tools you need to sustain that new view of life.

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Kelly has a warm and unique style that must be embraced by anyone that seeks some re-direction in their life. Once I finally opened up to Kelly, it was made apparent to me that many of the barriers I had in mind, were barriers that I actually created.

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