• Self Sacrifice

    People all over neglect themselves, due to some earlier message in their past that created the self belief  ‘it is necessary to put others first’.  But is this message true? 

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  • Serving Self

    Serving ourselves ensures we break out of painful, past patterns and move forward into powerful and positive patterns for a promising, loving future. 

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  • Setting Boundaries

    Setting boundaries is an essential skill required in order to have healthy and loving relationships.  If we have a lack of boundaries within our relationships, the relationships can become dysfunctional, toxic and unhappy. 

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  • Sweet Surrender

    To surrender and to let go is to give up the struggle.  To surrender and to let go is to face the fear surrounding the situation.  By letting go of our need/want of something to be a certain way, we acquire happiness. 

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  • The Core of Compassion

    When we are in a state of compassion for ourselves and all that is around us, life becomes one big flow down the river.

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  • The Forgiveness of Flaws

    Strengths and flaws; everybody has them.  Yet most people focus negatively on the latter; the flaws within others or the flaws within themselves. 

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  • The Jail of Judgement

    Judgement, criticism, gossip, assumptions and condemning others are the behaviours of a low self-esteemed person.

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  • The Right Relationship

    A positive mindset to have is; ‘only oneself can create one’s own happiness’.  This is very true, as one of the only things within our control is our happiness.  It is not dependent on anything or anyone external.  A healthy or 'right' relationship only occurs, when your relationship with yourself is 'right'.

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  • The Rut Of Rationalisation

    Rationalisation in psychology, is a defense mechanism whereby yours or somebody else’s feelings and actions are logically justified.  Rationalisation is just another word for making excuses.

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  • Transitioning Tough Times

    There is no need to be fearful of the future or of tough times.  Tough times are the transition to a better place, a deeper and more invigorating way to live your life. 

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Kelly has helped me turn my life around into exactly what I want it to be. She will teach you to change your perception of negatives into positives and turn them into opportunities, and give you all the tools you need to sustain that new view of life.

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Kelly has a warm and unique style that must be embraced by anyone that seeks some re-direction in their life. Once I finally opened up to Kelly, it was made apparent to me that many of the barriers I had in mind, were barriers that I actually created.

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Our first encounter with you was a true life changer for us and for our son. When we first met you, we had consumed all known therapy approaches to treat our son from drug addiction, including rehab treatment out side the country.

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