Addiction Recovery

Addiction is the over-use of a substance or behaviour, despite negative consequences. Additions can be substances such as drugs, alcohol, food and behaviours such as over-spending, gambling, sexual addiction and so on.

Addiction ruins people's lives and ensures they are trapped in a web of self-sabotage. The illusionary rewards being a temporary high of 'comfort', yet huge amounts of emotional, financial, spiritual and physical pain.

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Anger Management

Anger is one of the deepest and darkest emotional energies we can feel. It is a very low level feeling similar to jealousy and despair. Therefore it's effects on us physiologically, emotionally, physically and spiritually are huge. Anger erodes happiness from within and ensures others around us suffer immensely from the dramatic outbursts, conflict and aggression that we exude. Anger is extremely difficult to overcome and despite repeated attempts to manage the rage, we fail every time. The outburst is like a knee jerk reaction, so quickly manifested and finalised within seconds, yet the damaging consequences sadly are not. If we do not overcome our anger issues; relationships start to crumble, we increase our stress levels, we enlarge the risk of illness and we waste precious moments of our lives. Anger is debilitating and if not healed, overcome and dealt with, it can basically ruin anything that is worthy within our lives.

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Face Your Fears

A fearful mind is like a volcano, it will create destruction with every outburst of lava. When we have common fears such as fear of being alone, fear of flying, fear of public speaking, the fear of socialising and so on; we limit ourselves in experiencing life's normal activities. When we have fearful thoughts on a general basis, such as fearing the worse case scenario for all outcomes, we manifest those outcomes into our realities. Facing our fears, releasing them and replacing them with thoughts of faith is one of the best methods we can do to cleanse our minds and uplift our life experience. If we do not release fearful distortions within the mind, we remain stuck, in pain and limited to truly living life as we are meant to.

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Find Me a Soul Mate

Many people wish for a healthy, loving and mutually giving relationship. Yet the reason they have not manifested this into their lives, or they keep repeating dysfunctional relationship patterns is due to how they think on a subconscious basis about relationships. Working on negative relationship thinking patterns and raising subconscious worthiness and deservedness levels, will ensure the correct emotional vibration is set to attract the loving relationship that is yearned for.

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Healing From Abuse

Past unhealed abuse, whether it be bullying as a child, sibling rivalry, physical/emotional or sexual abuse ensures we remain stuck. Due to such deep hurt being experienced from an emotional, physical and spiritual level; we find ourselves repeating damaging relationship patterns, being the victim to more abuse and generally open to mistreatment from family members, colleagues, bosses, friends and partners.

When we have not healed past abuse, whatever it might be; we have not accepted ourselves. As there is an event or experience in the past that has a negative perception and blocked emotion attached to it, it is still thriving. It is still very much unhealed and manifesting from an energy perspective. It ensures we can never truly know deep happiness, flowing positive emotions and the pleasure of living life as a victor thinker as opposed to a victim thinker.

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How To Build Self Esteem

High self esteem is essential, in order to have a deep value, appreciation and love for oneself. When we have low self esteem, we are susceptible to negative emotions, a victim mentality, dysfunctional relationships, addictive behaviours and overall a less than satisfactory life experience. Low self esteem traps us in a repetitive, harmful cycle of a lack of admiration for the strengths, qualities and value we do actually offer to the world. When we can fully accept ourselves for the strengths and weaknesses we do have, we are able to accept others for their strengths and weaknesses too. When we have value for who we truly are, we are able to start trusting ourselves and what we actually need. Life becomes an easier path to journey along, as we are living it from a higher emotional vibration.

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How To Cure Anxiety

Anxiety is a disagreeable emotional state of apprehension and inner turmoil, often accompanied by nervous behavior. It is a rumination of thoughts within the mind that focus on something improbable happening. Anxiety is feeling unrealistic fear, worry, and nervousness on a consistent basis, that creates a lot of inner conflict for the sufferer.It is often accompanied by restlessness, fatigue, problems in concentration and muscular tension. When anxiety becomes overwhelming and distressing to the individual, it may fall under the psychiatric diagnosis of an anxiety disorder

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How to Repair A Relationship

Being in an unhealthy relationship can cause a huge amount of emotional pain. Feelings of powerlessness, anger and lack of confidence become the norm. It is the set-up of two individuals and their negative issues coinciding to create a dysfunctional dynamic. Conflict is a regular occurrence and one or both members in the relationship start to feel dissatisfied, lonely and disrespected. What many of us do is to blame the partner for the relationship's outcome. Yet, we cannot shape another person's actions, this is just manipulation, control and conditional love. What we can control however, is how we interact from a relationship perspective ourselves. When we start to cleanse our negative, relationship orientated self-beliefs and behaviours, we create massive change, repair and a higher level of love in our relationships.

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Mind 6 Pack

A weak mind creates a weak life. If we have a huge amount of cognitive distortions, negative self-beliefs and thinking patterns, then our emotions are negative, our behaviours are destructive and our realities are disastrous. A mind can be conditioned to be negative, based on the environment, upbringing and messages it has been programmed to nurture over time. Working to create a strong and healthy mind, full of empowering thinking patterns towards each area of life, is one of the best programs I offer. By performing a life satisfaction check, we can see which areas of your life are running at a dissatisfied level and why from a mind perspective that this is the case.

A mind that is conditioned to think negatively is like jelly; susceptible to fear, anger, sadness and a victim mentality. A mind that is conditioned to think positive is like a rock; susceptible to confidence, motivation, peace and a victor mentality. The 'Mind 6 Pack' program ensures muscle definition and strength within the mind, thus creating a life of empowerment and fulfillment.

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Overcome Passive Aggressive Behaviour

Passive-aggressors express anger indirectly, typically by resisting perfectly rational requests. A sad paradox underlies their behavior: they desire approval and cultivate a dependence on others, but then chafe at being locked into such a relationship. They act out their frustration by procrastinating, forgetting and intentionally acting inefficiently. Passive-aggressive adults likely grew up in a home where anger wasn't expressed, rules were too regimented and where they were punished for expressing their feelings. Passive aggressive behaviours include the following: -

  • Passively resisting fulfilling routine, social and occupational tasks.
  • Complaining of being misunderstood and mistreated by others.
  • Being sullen and argumentative.
  • Unreasonably criticising and scorning authority.
  • Expressing envy and resentment towards those more fortunate.
  • Alternating between hostile defiance and contrition.


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Overcoming Codependency

Codependency is a control issue in relationships. The codependent person over-gives and requires excessive attention from their partner. Codependents often attract partners that are unavailable, addicted or untrustworthy in some way. Codependents lack self esteem and attempt to gain an experience of love by trying to extract this energetically from their partners. They become addicted to scolding, nagging, fixing, repairing and controlling their partner and their actions. The partner becomes responsible for their happiness, as opposed to receiving this from within. Codependency is very painful and the common emotions are; feeling unloved, rejected, guilty and over-responsible. It creates a power struggle in relationships and this worsens as the codependent becomes more and more embroiled in the desire to control and change.

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Positive Parenting

Being a parent is one of the most challenging things to face in life. The responsibility of raising healthy, happy children can be overwhelming at times. How we perceive ourselves as a parent, how we perceive our partner and how we perceive our child is paramount to positive parenting. Empowering thinking patterns surrounding parenthood is essential for the most flourishing parenting dynamic to exist. If negative dynamics have existed within the past, this is due to a negative modelling of our own parent's parenting, a negative perception of self/partner and child, the reaction of this dynamic from the child and the status of the child's cognitive makeup. Positive parenting dynamics can replace negative parenting dynamics through working on the parent(s).

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Stop Procrastination

While it is regarded as normal for people to procrastinate to some degree, it becomes a problem when it impedes normal functioning. Many procrastinate due to issues of anxiety, a low sense of self worth and a self-defeating mentality. When we procrastinate, we sabotage ourselves and limit the life we deserve, by the non-achievement of our dream goals.

When we procrastinate we live in cycles of anxiety, irritation, helplessness and guilt. It is damaging to have a consistent cycle of negative emotions, yet it becomes difficult to break away from the conditioned behaviour.

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Weight Loss

Until the negative thinking patterns towards food, emotional eating and body image are healed; then we will always have weight fluctuation. For many; emotional eating, a poor self image and weight gain are huge hurdles of conflict and pain. Food becomes an obsession, as well as a source of illusionary, temporary comfort for the emotional over-eater. Food is energy, it is fuel, it is to be utilised for health purposes only and never as a way to feel comfort, pleasure and satisfaction. When we place conditions on an external source as a way to feel high emotional relief, we become addicted to the source.

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  • 1 session : US$195.
  • Bronze Package : 5 sessions = US$925 (including weekly homework).
  • Silver Package : 7 sessions = US$1250 (including discount + 1 x affirmation download + weekly homework).
  • Gold Package : 10 sessions = US$1725 (including discount + 1 x affirmation & 1 x meditation download + weekly homework)